Your kitchen faucet is probably your hardest working plumbing fixture in your home. It helps you keep your dishes clean, washes the dirt off your hands and even helps you rinse your veggies! So it's probably your entire families go-to for water, right? If your faucet isn't working properly or it's leaking all over your counter, it becomes an inconvenience to everyone!

Just like all fixtures, your kitchen faucet won't last forever, so as soon as you notice your faucet begin to wear out, you should replace it fast. 

Your faucet will last longer if you have a a premier manufacturer like Moen, Delta, etc. But for more basic brands, the lifespan can be considerably shorter. Finding the manufacturer information can help you diagnose the type of faucet you have, along with its lifespan. If you can’t figure out your faucet’s lifespan, you should generally replace any faucet that’s over 15 years old.

Does your faucet handle stick or crack when you try to move it? Does it take a few seconds for water to come out when you turn it on? These are signs of internal rusting and corrosion. Once your faucet starts breaking down, there isn’t much you can do to fix it except replacing it. Rust builds up inside of the faucet before it becomes visible. The most common places to find rust will be around the base and spigot. If rust and corrosion are ignored, your faucet only more leak-prone and less effective as time goes on. It keeps leaking no matter how many times you try to fix it.


Sometimes it’s possible to fix a leaky faucet by replacing the cartridge inside the handle assembly. Sometimes, however, that won’t be enough. If your faucet keeps leaking after you’ve attempted to fix it once or twice, it’s time to replace it. It’s not worth wasting money trying to fix a faucet when it’s much easier to replace the entire apparatus.


Not only is a leaky faucet annoying, but constant leaking could also lead to mold growth. Often, replacing a faucet altogether will end up saving you more money than attempting a temporary repair.


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