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​If you notice one of your faucets is constantly dripping or doesn’t seem to work effectively anymore, it could be costing you money on your monthly water bill. Don’t let a damaged faucet drain your wallet! New kitchen faucet installation will help eliminate leaks, prevent future plumbing damage, and put money back in your pocket. We can help you repair or upgrade your kitchen faucet in no time.

For all residential, storage tank water heaters, we offer free estimates. A skilled technician will arrive at your home, go through a check-list of current local codes, and provide you with a no-cost, no-obligation final price. If you agree to the price, the technician will schedule your installation right away. However, if you need to think about it for any reason, the technician will leave you with a free estimate. No pressure, no hassle.

Replacement, service or repairs which include; clogs, water leaks, noise, shaking, blades or failing to turn on. If you're not sure what should not go down the disposal, here is a tip: If you wouldn't eat it, it probably doesn't belong in your disposal.

Great for saving energy. Unlike storage heaters, tankless units use gas burners to heat water on an as-needed basis, which saves you a lot on energy costs. Since the heated water isn’t stored for use later, you don’t have to pay for standby energy losses. You’ll also have a constant supply of hot water. They are smaller, energy-efficient and low-cost to use. When you turn on a hot water tap, cold water goes through the unit where either a gas burner will heat it. And then you have hot water!



Our plumbers are experts in pipe repair and replacement – they are trained to resolve a number of problems, including broken, cracked or collapsed pipes, blockages due to grease, pipe corrosion, bellied pipes, and leaking joints. Call us for more information on any of these pipe repair concerns.

If your drain is running slow or is backing up in to your home, give us a call right away. We have the latest tools, mechanical rodding (cable snakes) that vary in length to provide you with the most effective drain and sewer clearing service. We'll restore your plumbing system and bring comfort and convenience back to your home. We know you want your problems down the drain, not your money.

If you're thinking of doing an entire remodel of your kitchen, bathroom or any other area of your home - give us a call! We'll help you upgrade to the best energy efficient, quality fixtures that'll improve the comfort of your home (and the value) remarkably! ​


Maybe it's time for a change in your bathroom? Maybe you're thinking about an energy efficient low flow shower head, maybe a rain shower for your home? We got you covered.


Don't wait to upgrade your old, outdated bathroom fixtures! Aren't you tired of hearing your toilet running all night long?! Upgrading your faucets, toilet or shower head or tub valves can boost your property value, home comfort and increase your energy efficiency. It can also help prevent potential damage from leaks, floods, or other problems.


What is the Purpose of an Earthquake Shut Off Valve? Your safety! The reason you need an earthquake shut off valve is to prevent the flow of gas from your meter into your home after an earthquake. By having a shut off valve installed in your homes gas system, there will be no need to worry about if your home is prepared for the next California earthquake because your home is ready for both seismic activity as well as major earthquakes.

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